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We are now taking pre-orders for the new Album, titled Healing Process. Click below to purchase a copy. Pre-orders help fund the recording, mixing, and mastering, helping this to become a reality!

Healing Process

by Emboda

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Expected release: February 24, 2016

After over 10 years, we're finally getting back into the studio to record songs that have been floating around for all this time!

Big thanks to James Culpepper and Sameer Bhattacharya from Flyleaf for their help producing and tracking this album! Go check out their latest album, Between the Stars!

Ready for Pittsburgh! 

We have spent the last two months fine tuning vocals over multiple pre-production sessions. We're headed out to Treelady Studios in Pittsburgh, PA over July 4th weekend to record vocals. They they will work their magic in editing, mixing, and mastering.

The album should be released late summer!
Please consider donating to help us fund the recording of our new album. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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